Course Outlines:

Chapter 1:
 Textile History and Products
Chapter 2: Jobs and Career in Textile
               - Overview on qualification required for various jobs and their salary range.
Chapter 3: Power of Positive Thinking
               - How to improve yourself, improve your English, Improve your memory.
Chapter 4: Yarn Manufacturing and Processing
               - How yarns are made. Step by Step Processing.
Chapter 5: Types of Yarns and Know Differences
Chapter 6: Yarn Testing and Quality Control
Chapter 7: Textile Formulas and Basic
Chapter 8: Start with Tufting/ Weaving/ Knitting
Chapter 9: Bathmat/Tufting Basics
               - Construction, Bathmat Designing, Specifications, Types
Chapter 10: Bathmat Advance Knowledge (Mastering)
               - Machines Type & Model Making, Quality Control, Defects & Solutions, Cost Calculation
Chapter 11: Weaving History and Techniques
Chapter 12:
 Rugs/Dhurries Basics
               - Get familiar with Weaving - Understand.
               - Construction, Design and imaginations of Rugs Designing, Specifications, Types
Chapter 13: Rugs/Dhurries Advance Knowledge
               - Working of Pit Looms and Frame Looms, Quality Control, Cost Calculation.
               - Defects and Their Solutions, Create Models of Pit Loom/Frame Loom.
Chapter 14: Carpet/Area Rugs Basics
               - Construction, Color combinations, Designing, Specifications, Types and Methods
Chapter 15: Carpet/Area Rugs Basics Advance
               - Hand Tufting, Hand Knotting, Table Tufting, Designing, Quality Control, Cost Calculation.
               - Carpet Backing, Defects and Their Solutions
Chapter 16: Printing - Gets Hand on
               - Table Top/Screen Printing, Rotary Printing, Flat Bed Printing
               - Quality Control, Major Defects and their Solution.
               - Print Fabric yourself.
Chapter 17: Dyeing:
               - Yarn Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing, Piece Dyeing, Machines, Processes and Quality Control.
Chapter 18: Made Ups - Consumption and Cost Calculation
               - Bed Cover, Cushions, Pillows, Apron, Gloves, Table Cloth, Runner, Placemat, Chair Ped
               - Floor Cushions,Pouf, Curtains, Bath Robes, Sheet Set, Quilt, Duvet Cover etc..
Chapter 19: Lab Testing
Chapter 20: Embroidery - Designing/Machines
Chapter 21: Mastering in Weaving
               - Power Loom, Dobby-Mechanical/ Electronic, Jacquard - Mechanical/ Computerized, Shuttle-less (Rapier), Air-Jet, Water - Jet etc..
Chapter 22: Order Processing and Distribution
Chapter 23: Raw Material Planning and Calculation
Chapter 24: Documentation
               - Invoice, Packing List, BRC, Shipping Bill, Bill of Lading and other Documents
Chapter 25: Packing and Supervision
Chapter 26: Quality Assurance and Controller
Chapter 27: Receiving and Dispatch
Chapter 28: Merchandising
Chapter 29: Marketing - Local and International
Chapter 30: Sampling Incharge and Process.
Chapter 31: Container stuffing and Planning
Chapter 32: Sourcing- Suppliers and Textile Market.
Chapter 33: Computer Basics
Chapter 34: Microsoft Excel
               - Manage Data, Prepare reports, Formulas, Documents making, Formatting etc..
Chapter 35: Outlook Express
               - Understanding Business Emails, Write, Send and Search Emails, Accounts Etc..
Chapter 36: Textile Designing 
               - Imaginations and Concept Designing, Drawing basics
Chapter 37: Photo Shop
               - Textile Designing, Photo editing, Effects creation, Automate Designing etc..
Chapter 38: Corel Draw

               - Textile Designing, Create Label, Tags, Header, UPC, Design artworks etc...